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I just found out that my friend Billy got arrested. Unfortunately he's been handed over to immigration and it seems likely he'll be deported. His bail was set too high for him to make. I'm not sure exactly where he is or if it's possible to visit him. I hope that I can find a way to see him before he is sent away.

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While it would seem to make more sense for the larger fry to be a better deal, I've always had a sneaking suspicion that it wasn't. What if multiple smaller fries was actually cheaper? I was determined to find out. I did an experiment!

I bought one large fry and one small fry, weighed each, and also counted the number of fries in each. The results:

Large fry
6.5 oz
122 fries
= $.38/oz or 49 fries/$1

Small fry
3 oz.
42 fries
= $.33/oz or 42 fries/$1

Small fry appears to be the winner!

Now of course, this was a horribly designed experiement:

• statistical sample of 1 each (favors neither)

• I'm not actually sure of the price - I know the small fry was a dollar because it's on the dollar menu, and the total was $3.47 so that would make the large fry $2.47 assuming no tax - I'm not sure if fast food has tax or not (favors small fry)

• I weighed them in their packaging but then it's just paper (favors large fry)

• I didn't have a real scale - I used a postal scale, which just has increments of 1 oz. (favors neither)

• fries are all different sizes - the large fry probably had a greater variation, especially with tiny fries (favors large)

It seems like most of the errors favored the large fry, so the real results would probably be even more in small fry's court.

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All of my dreams last night were Lost inspired...

I'm one of the Losties, in an airport bathroom with some other Losties and Freighties, probably Desmond, and Sayid, and Charlotte masquerading as a Ana Lucia type with Daniel and Miles. We're all on some off island mission together. We're all in the same bathroom (it's unisex with only stalls) under the pretense of going to the bathroom, but the freighties use the opportunity to waylay Daniel, knocking him unconscious, and us Losties use the opportunity to pull some kind of switcheroo rescue with multiple people in stalls to hide Michael and rescue Walt.

In downtown Port Jeff and the bottom of Main Street is closed for construction. It seems Desmond can see ghosts now, and I'm trying to convince a Claire type character to believe this so she can converse with her dead love. There also seems to be shades of her being a Michelle Williams type morning Heath. Apparently Desmond and Charlie have both died twice, leading them both to be able to see ghosts, but in Desmonds case he came back the second time. The Claire type person eventually makes her big emotional moement with her lost one through Desmond, after distracting herself first by fighting with the contruction guys about putting some makeshift blue safety caps on some walkway poles. They see that she's right and help bugg them to make them nice and round. Later talking with the Claire actress about the Charlie character. We discuss how we'd love to see him come back, and how that might happen. I can't remember if he was bried or not, and imagine a scene with him digging his way out of his own grave.

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some sort of interesting ironic story about the death of a little girl and an escalator but the punchline has escaped me

walking in the woods near my old liberty ave place, but now the woods are larger and have expensive houses here and there, and fences, and bits of path that lead to the water and horse stables, where i take interesting photos

in vermont with ex-coworker adam. apparently my grandparents haven't sold their house yet and we can stay in it. getting ready to leave, i make a phone call on a phone attached to a large battery. wondering if we should try to recharge the battery using the car jumper cables before we leave and maybe even take the phone with us. also wondering if my car battery has enough charge - suggest that if we stop anywhere we dont turn off the car. he offers money, i assume gas money but then it seems like he's trying to pay back money he owes me. i try to convince him that rather than try to figure out what and if he still owes me to just give me $15 money for gas and cal it even - he can even just use his credit card at the pump, though he's worried about only having $80 on it. back at the vermont house, adam is now john m, a guy i grew up with. he's fiddling with putting away the equipment and i'm wondering if there's any sexual tension between us now. we had thought the grandparents sold the house. maybe they sold a different house on the same property. we are below the porch with all of the sportsy equipment. upstairs i look out the window into the valley. to the side the mountains are a bit rocky and i imagine trying to climb them. ahead inthe valley i see paragliders and ultralighters and feel envious. i think how much i'm going to miss this house. i wonder if there is a way i can buy it off my grandparents. maybe if i rent a room or two to help pay the mortgage. i imagine it would be difficult living with another guy if he's messy - that could cause drama - maybe we could just hire a cleaning person, especially if they are willing to clean the sportsy equipment once a season. i think i could be really happy living in that house, ultralighting in the valley.

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2008 SelectSmart.com Presidential Candidate Selector


1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate   (100%)
2. Alan Augustson (campaign suspended)   (89%)  
3. Dennis Kucinich   (88%)  
4. Barack Obama   (82%)  
5. Christopher Dodd   (80%)  
6. Joseph Biden   (75%)  
7. Wesley Clark (not running, endorsed Clinton)   (73%)  
8. Hillary Clinton   (72%)  
9. Mike Gravel   (72%)  
10. Michael Bloomberg (says he will not run)   (70%)  
11. Al Gore (not announced)   (66%)  
12. Kent McManigal (campaign suspended)   (66%)  
13. John Edwards   (64%)  
14. Bill Richardson   (61%)  
15. Ron Paul   (60%)  
16. Elaine Brown   (42%)  
17. John McCain   (33%)  
18. Rudolph Giuliani   (32%)  
19. Tommy Thompson (withdrawn, endorsed Giuliani)   (24%)  
20. Alan Keyes   (23%)  
21. Mike Huckabee   (23%)  
22. Chuck Hagel (not running)   (22%)  
23. Newt Gingrich (says he will not run)   (21%)  
24. Mitt Romney   (21%)  
25. Sam Brownback (withdrawn, endorsed McCain)   (19%)  
26. Fred Thompson   (17%)  
27. Tom Tancredo   (10%)  
28. Jim Gilmore (withdrawn)   (10%)  
29. Duncan Hunter   (7%)  
30. Stephen Colbert (campaign ended)   (4%)  

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I rent a house with three friends I met in college. Recently we had a problem with squirrels getting into the space between the roof and E's ceiling. The landlord agreed to let E hire someone to trap the squirrels in cages and take it out of the rent. The trappers were supposed to trap for one month, but keep trapping if they failed to get all the squirrels. It's been longer than a month but there are still squirrels so the traps are still out. According to E, the squirrels are killed, not released.

This morning I checked and both cages had squirrels in them. I got to thinking - hey, my Mom loves birds and squirrels in her yard and feeds them, maybe I could put the squirrels in her yard. I call and ask her, telling her it's better if I don't explain my request but she insists. So now she's aware that there are two squirrels with a looming death penalty. But she agrees to let me take them over.

Next I ask E if she has any objections. She gets very upset and says that if the trapper doesn't find squirrels in the cages he will claim there aren't any more and stop coming. I tell her I don't agree with her conclusions but will respect her wishes. I tell my mom what happened. She asks me to ask the trapper guy if he can release them to the wild when he knocks on the door.

Mentally fatigued by all the squirrels nonsense, I turn off my phone so I can get some work done and take a nap. Never hear the trapper guy knock, if he did indeed come yet. I turn on my phone to make an unrelated phone call. There are 5! voice mails from my mother asking about the squirrels. During my unrelated phone call, housemate W answers house phone and apparently it was my Mom calling there because I wasn't picking up my cellphone. I call my mom back and she is very upset that I haven't been picking up my phone and furious because W was apparently snippy to her when she called.

So yeah. Sorry squirrels, you're on your own from now on.

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Alas poor a, poor e, poor i, poor o, poor u, and poor sometimes y I knew y'all well. The current trend in domain names seem to be to drop vowels here and there. Flickr, Tumblr, Pluggd, Talkr, Anothr in particular have done away with "e". Not content with one little indian, however, or indeed with constraining the hunting ground to the web, the fearsome vowel killer has expanded his repertoire to other vowels and his territory now includes signage in the real world!

Witnessed, both in NYC:

First, a burger restaurant with the emaciated title of:


And next, a promotion at Chase Bank, "introducing Chase ATM QuickChoice" with the emoticon ;) inside the Chase logo and the headline:

gt $ fstr

In light of the current trends, I have started the Language Preservation Initiative and put the English vowels on the Endangered list. Donations are tx ddctbl.

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My brother has been saying something like "jchubb jchubb" for some reason. We got in a discussion with Brian again about what would be the antonym of doom. Brother said "jchubb jchubb" again which reminded me of the Ewok celebration song at the end of Star War Return of the Jedi which I realized is sort of the antonym of doom. Tribal zippered teddy bears singing "Yub nub!"

Yub nub, eee chop yub nub,
Freedom, we got freedom,

toe meet toe pee chee keene, g'noop dock fling oh ah.
and now that we can be free, c'mon and celebrate.

Yah wah, eee chop yah wah,
Power, we got power

toe meet toe pee chee keene, g'noop dock fling oh ah
and now that we can be free, c'mon and celebrate.

Coat ee chah tu yub nub,
Celebrate the freedom

Coat ee chah tu yah wah,
Celebrate the power

Coat ee chah tu glo wah.
Celebrate the glory.

allay loo ta nuv
celebrate the love

Glo wah, eee chop glo wah, ya glo wah pee chu nee foam,
Power, we got power, and now that we can be free,

ah toot dee awe goon daa.
it's time to celebrate.

Coat ee cha tu goo (Yub nub!)
Celebrate the light (Freedom!)

coat ee cha tu doo (Yah wah!)
celebrate the might (Power!)

coat ee cha tu too (ya chaa!)
celebrate the fight (Glory!)

allay loo tu nuv (3 times)
celebrate the love

Glo wah, eee chop glo wah.
Glory, we found glory

Ya glow wah pee chu nee foam,
The power showed us the light

ah toot dee awe goon daa
and now we all live free

allay loo tu nuv.
celebrate the love.

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So late week's Simpsons episode "Husbands and Knives" introduced us to Milo (voiced by Jack Black) who opens a new better comic book store in Springfield. Guest appearances by Alan Moore, Art Spegielman, and Dan Clowes, who each turned into muscles superheroes at one point, Art with a Maus mask. We were treated to such classics as "Baby Watchmen" (in V for Vacation!). And Milo's girlfriend had a cute turtle shirt on. For some reason, Bart thought it stereotypical that Milo's appearance consisted of a poek pie hat and squarish glasses.

Next, Number's episode "Graphic" centered on a murder at a comic convention and delighted us with appearances by Wil Wheaton and Christopher Lloyd. For some reason, the comic expert (Ben Felman as "Seth Marlowe") in that show *also* had a pork pie hat and squarish glasses. I've been to many a comic convention, and so far this stereotype has eluded me... It's an interesting trend!

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