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18 July
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jack, of tales, of all trades, and of thirteen moons

Graphic designer living on Long Island. Always on the lookout for cool friends or quality guys to date. Into radical freedom of expression, sustainability, DIY, sci-fi, human rights, chick singers, latino & underground culture, graphic design, science, comics, film, water, extreme and unique sport, and figuring out the secrets of the universe.

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alex gray, alternative education, alternative medicine, ambiance, angel, ani difranco, animal rights, antonym of doom, argentina, atlantis, barefoot, beach, beautiful thing, biking, body painting, books, books of magic, buddhism, buddhist, buffy the vampire slayer, bungy jumping, burning man, burning man festival, capoeira, chakras, clearwater, comics, dan bern, dar williams, dia de los muertos, dido, disappear fear, diy, dmt, doodling, douglas rushkoff, drawing, ebay, ecofeminism, el muerto, enigma, environmentalism, falcon ridge, feminism, feminist, fire island, flyer art, folk, folk music, fried green tomatoes, gaia, gay, gay marriage, gene targeting, geocaching, graphic design, green, green party, guitar, henna, holistic, holon, human rights, indigo girls, joss whedon, ken wilber, latin, latino, lesbian folk rock, lilith faire, livejournal, long island, love, loving kindness, matrix, meditation, memesmith, merlin, metaphysics, momo, mouse knockout, neverending story, new york, organic, pagan, paganism, peace and social justice, pillow book, port jefferson, port jefferson station, queer, queer as folk, queer ecology, queer theory, rainbow family, rainbow tribe, rainbow warrior, raw foods, richard dawkins, rolfing, roswell, sandals, sandals in the snow, sci-fi, science, science fiction, science fiction forum, sf4m, singing, six feet under, solar power, soy, spanish, spirituality, star trek, stony brook university, suffolk county, sustainable, swimming, taoism, tea, the big blue, the matrix, tigerlily cafe, timefall, timothy hunter, tofu, tori amos, tortuga, tribal dance electronica, turtles, ultimate frisbee, unitarians, vegan, vegetarian, vegetarianism, vermont, vertigo, vertigo comics, voyager, water, wholistic, wicca, writing, xena, xy magazine, yoga, youth rights, zen, zines

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